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Welcome to Easy Life® – Organise your personal finance anytime, anywhere!
When you make the fast buck and have that gnawing feeling that you are not able to manage money well and spending too much on brokers and financial planners to manage your money, you know you need a solution to your financial problems. These obstacles can be solved easily when one has finance management software.

Easy Life® offers what you need to grow your wealth by making financial goals. It is personal finance software for Indian families to manage their family finances. It helps investors make better monetary decisions and build wealth without having to think about it. One can view and manage their holistic life in one space. It cumulates all your financial transactions on one space and that data can be used to manage your money.

Easy Life® offers the following benefits:

  1. Stock and Mutual Fund Management
  2. Life Insurance and ULIP
  3. Pension Plan
  4. Investments in Post Office Savings and Scheme
  5. Fixed deposits and Bonds
  6. Money Flow Management

Easy Life® refreshes your account data on daily basis.It gives you a summary of your net worth. Net worth is the difference between what you owe (debts and liabilities) and what you own (assets). The transactions must be entered manually for the first time and the user can check reports regularly.

Easy Life® not only solves your financial problems but also gives you reminder facility so you don’t forget birthdays and anniversaries because of the tied up schedule.

Easy Life® has innate lists of all companies listed on NSE and BSE, that lets you share trading data covering applications to public offers, share purchases, sales, share forward transactions (intra-day), stock split and bonus transactions.With Easy Life®, you can manage share market and mutual fund transactions in a simple, spontaneous manner.

Easy Life® also allows a professional to be an Independent Financial Advisor. They can easily manage their client portfolio on a single space through a single login.

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