When is the best time to buy a home

When is the best time to buy a home?

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It’s a very common question everybody asks at least once in their lifetime, is it a good time to buy a home? Well. The question asked is incorrect. Nobody has the appropriate answer to this question. No real estate agent can answer this or make assertive prediction, if he does, he is advising you for […]

Dos and don'ts of using credit cards wisely

Top Secrets of using credit card wisely

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Credit cards- the so called 86×54 mm enchanted card help you do wonders financially. When used smartly, you get paybacks such reward points, travel offers, shopping bonuses and many more inciting offers. Credit card has become one of the most important payment tools in India, yet poorly understood. Every year hundreds complain about the excessive […]


Check your Financial Fitness

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Every New Year, one makes the resolution to be fit the coming year. Make a fitness plan, following it in the initial days with determination is what is witnessed amongst all. But this enthusiasm fades after a month. The same trend is followed in personal finance. Promises made to stay more organized in every tax […]


We are on Outlook Money

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Grab onto the February 2016 issue of Outlook Money and take glance what Outlook Money and our users have to say about us and our Software. Also, Outlook Money lists down our features and our users talk about their experience of using Easy Life and how Easy Life made their financial management easy for them. […]